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19 / 09 / 14
Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark
19 / 09 / 14
Gyldendal, Copenhagen, Denmark
19 / 09 / 14
Zetland Live, Copenhagen, Denmark
21 / 09 / 14
Climate Demonstration (open air), Copenhagen, Denmark
03 / 10 / 14
Slagelse Gymnasium, Slagelse, Denmark
04 / 10 / 14
Block66, Copenhagen, Denmark
04 / 10 / 14
Ideal Bar, Copenhagen, Denmark
04 / 10 / 14
Dennis Knudsen (private), Copenhagen, Denmark
10 / 10 / 14
Manzel, Copenhagen, Denmark
16 / 10 / 14
Jazzhouse, Copenhagen, Denmark
25 / 10 / 14
The Gym, Odense, Denmark
25 / 10 / 14
Kulturmaskinen, Odense, Denmark
29 / 10 / 14
Musikhuset, Aarhus, Denmark
30 / 10 / 14
Koncerthuset, Odense, Denmark
31 / 10 / 14
Bremen, Copenhagen, Denmark
08 / 11 / 14
Dansehallerne, Copenhagen, Denmark
14 / 11 / 14
Ideal Bar, Copenhagen, Denmark
28 / 11 / 14
Mærsk (private), Copenhagen, Denmark

Behind this venture are the two brothers, Jonas and Micki. From the start the Copenhagen duo had a great passion for electronic beats with simple expressions - but still beats, where the brothers' personality shine through. With their perfectionistic approach to their productions and DJ sets, the two brothers immerse in small hidden sounds and cheerful rhythms that fill the brothers' musical universe. Their shared passion for music had in a very short time opened its doors to the back-to-back DJ sets and warm-up jobs for some of the most respected Danish - as well as international artists - and a life in the world of music.

Borneland brothers got their artist name from their grandfather, who in an almost inhuman early age escaped from an abusive childhood home and started a new life under a new surname. Their grandfather was particularly excited about two things, engineering and bees. According to the myth, the latter symbolises social skills - and those the grandfather in any case did not lack. There was a very special person who stood close to his heart, in good or ill, his beloved wife. When he began to realize that time was coming near and soon he had to leave this world, he felled all the trees around his and his wife's apiary and split them for firewood. By then he ​​ensured that his beloved wife would not freeze during the winters. The house was paid and a small saving was saved to support her – and enough honey for a long while.

By the grandfather’s believe in our children and their children’s children the two brothers night after night go out to share the good vibes and smooth grooves.

Shared the stage with: Ben Pearce, Flight Facilities (x2), Azari & III, Classixx, Trentemøller, When Saints Go Machin, Friendly Fires (x2), The Magician, Juan Maclean and Kasper Bjørke ...

Spinned records for / at: Copenhagen Fashion Week (’10+’11+’12+'13), Distortion (10+’11+’12+'13), National Gallery of Denmark, Microsoft and McDonald's. ...

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